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This contains dairy (4/5/2019)
This product not only contains milk, but other dairy biproducts.

Please don�t eat this if you are dairy allergic or sensitive and make sure to read labels.

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yaling - USA
There is milk in the seasoning pack (2/13/2016)
There is so milk in ramen noodles. Check the seasoning package ingredients. Do your homework people!

Frogie - New York
Good for some, but not for other (11/8/2015)
Unfortunately, while Top Ramen doesn't have any overt milk, its still processed in a facility that handles Milk, Egg, Tree Nuts, Shellfish and Fish Products. Lots of possible cross contamination issues.

evan - America

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The Milk-Free Pantry only approves safe, non-dairy foods for kids and adults with milk allergies, lactose intolerance or other dairy-free diets. Be aware that some brands may be safe, while others are not. Even different flavors of the same brand can vary when it comes to containing milk ingredients. We are dedicated to reading labels and helping you discover which foods are safe and which ones are not. We offer our support in living a happy, healthy milk-free lifestyle!